Six of the best tips to get you through your course from start to finish

Posted on 7 June 2017
Six of the best tips to get you through your course from start to finish

If you search for 'study tips' on Google, you'll find hundreds, if not thousands of pages of tips, advice and guidance. Sorting through them all can be a little overwhelming, so we asked Stuart Pedley-Smith, our Head of Learning (and all-round study tips guru), to give us his 6 top tips to help you with your studies.

Tip 1 - Set yourself some realistic goals

Stuart will give you some advice on how to plan out your studies and the importance of setting realistic goals within your control. This tip will help give you a clear path and be something to refer back to during your studies.

Tip 2 - Make a study planner

Learn how to make an effective study planner from Stuart. Find out which tool to use and how much detail you should go into.

Tip 3 - Learn how to mind map

This is probably Stuart's most important tip! Find out if mind mapping is right for you and how to give it a go yourself. Get more advice on mind mapping.

Tip 4 - Find a learning style that works for you

Stuart gives you some advice to understand how you can get the most of learning. Everybody is different, so it's important to find a style that suits you.

Tip 5 - Brush up on Objective Tests

Many of the professional bodies now use Objective Testing for at least some of the exams. Stuart gives you some hints and tips to help you master this exam format. Whilst tips are helpful, nothing is a substitute for hard work!

Tip 6 - Get to grips with long-form exam questions

Learn Stuart's "analysis, explanation, example" approach to help you tackle long-form exam questions.