Coping with boring subjects

Posted on 5 November 2019
Coping with boring subjects

When you find a subject boring, how do you try and make it interesting?

We all struggle when it comes to something we find boring, and when it comes to accountancy there are often some areas that are seen as more interesting than others. So we need to come up with a way to make those tedious subjects a bit more engaging.

How do I become more engaged with the subject?

Firstly you need to recognise when you’re bored. It’s easy to write off a subject as one you don’t like simply because it’s a bit dull.

Then you need to work out how to make the subject a bit more meaningful. If you can imagine it in your day to day life, then it will make a bit more sense as to why you’re learning it.

You might be thinking “I’ll never use this” but you never know. You might need it further in your career, or you may already use it without knowing. For example if you’re learning budgeting, you may already do this in your day to day life without even thinking about it. How much have you got to spend on lunch? Will this impact how much you spend at the weekend? It all makes sense when you put a real-life spin on it.

And keep up the curiosity. Looking at something in a different way can make a subject much more interesting. See it from another person’s point of view by speaking to someone who is really engaged in the subject. It could be a tutor or someone in the industry. Find out how they look at it, and you may start to look at it differently too.

How about a game? Staying engaged with a subject can often be hard if you’re studying for too long, so how about breaking it up into chunks and rewarding yourself. For example you could set yourself the following: learn four definitions by 6pm you can finish for the day and have something to eat. Rewarding hard work makes things infinitely more interesting.

Don’t be afraid to say if a subject is actually too hard. Subjects are going to be boring if you don’t understand them. Talk to your tutor and they will be able to help. This is taking control of your learning. And the same works if something is too easy. Ask your tutor for some challenging work on the subject and you may find you engage with it again.

Don’t be afraid of boredom - it can trigger amazing things

Sometimes a bit of boredom is okay. Our minds can wander and can lead to the most brilliant ideas.

We found a great TED talk that explains how boredom can work for us, rather than against us.