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With OnDemand you can study anytime and anywhere and at your own pace, no one else’s. It’s ideal if you want to fit your studies around your lifestyle. With full syllabus coverage, it’s designed for the best online learning experience.and includes ACCA approved online study materials and access to expert tutor support via email and live chat, 7 days a week. You will be set a mock exam and assessments throughout the course to keep you on track and prepare for the exams.

Course Overview

Modules & Papers

Unlimited access to all subjects across Applied Skills and Strategic Professional online courses

Course start date


Exam periods

March, June, September, December


Monthly / Quarterly / Annually, cancel anytime

Course Fees

With OnDemand you get unlimited access to ACCA Knowledge, Applied Skills and Strategic Professional online courses, developed by an award winning Platinum approved Learning Partner.

All available for one low price, with no hidden extra costs.

You can choose to pay monthly, quarterly or annually and can cancel anytime.

Please note it is your responsibility to cancel your subscription with us by logging into your account on this website and cancelling any outgoing payments to us.

Pay Monthly

RM 250

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RM 660

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RM 2570

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Why Choose OnDemand


  • Expertly designed tutor-led learning

    You will develop a solid foundation of knowledge with topic focussed learning modules containing tutor-led bite-sized videos and engaging activities designed for effective online learning.

  • Structured programme with flexible start times

    An integrated programme guides you efficiently through the whole syllabus whilst still giving you the flexibility to work at your own pace and start studying anytime. Whether you have 20 weeks or 7 weeks to prepare for your exam, OnDemand can work for you.

  • Knowledge Checks and Consolidation Tests

    As you go along, Knowledge Checks allow you to check your understanding of a topic before you move on to the next one, and a Consolidation Test checks you’re remembering information from across a broader range of topics.

  • Test yourself questions

    Build your own tests from a range of additional objective test questions, so you can target weak areas and check your overall knowledge (Not available for Taxation).

  • VideoBank

    We have hundreds of expert tutor-led videos, ideal for furthering your learning, or just cementing what you already know. Loads of hints and tips, practical advice, and how to get through your exams.


  • Bringing it to life

    Further your understanding with detailed explanations of some of the more complex areas of the syllabus and by seeing how topics can be applied to practical, real-to-life scenarios.

  • Progress Test

    Simulating the look and feel of the real exam, you can gain a better understanding of how each topic is tested.

Exam preparation

  • Mock exam

    Practise your exam technique with a mock exam that replicates the look and feel of the final exam. Mocks are marked and personalised feedback is provided. It’s worth noting that Corporate and Business Law is an objective test exam where detailed explanations of the answers are provided instead. Additional exam-prep tests are also provided.

  • Recap videos

    Watch videos revisiting key topic areas in order to revise and refresh your memory.

  • Question debriefs

    Detailed debriefs of questions within the exam kit help you refine your approach and better understand how to maximise marks on the day.


Sign up for a free 5 day trial

Sign up for a free trial